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Security Concerns

  IMPORTANT SECURITY CONCERNS for the November 14th, 2023

 “March For Israel”

On behalf of JFED Security, we thank everyone for being a part of today’s “March For Israel” in our nation’s capital. Below are our strong recommendations to make this a safe and secure experience while expressing our support for Israel:

1- DO NOT affix Israeli flags, statements, or symbols of any kind to the exterior of the bus, as well as on the inside of the bus windows facing outward to the motoring public and pedestrian traffic.

2- No one involved with the trip should at any time post their location publicly until you are off and away from the bus both going to and coming from DC. DO NOT openly publish or advertise in social networks pictures of any meeting points or times of any gatherings, to include the time of arrival back at your home Federation.

3- Photographs taken to be posted to social media or shared with others before, during and on the way back home by trip participants should not capture the bus license plate numbers, bus fleet numbers or some other type of unique identifying markings on the buses.

4- Make sure you can maintain a charged cell phone the entire day so you can communicate with your family and friends in the event something negative occurs or if there are unavoidable delays during the trip home. It is our experience that people will often call Law Enforcement if they can’t reach their friends or loved ones for any reason.

5- DO NOT get involved in confrontations of any type. Of course, reasonable self-defense is permitted.

6- If you find yourself in a problematic situation on the street, look for law enforcement, security and/or a safe place to stay out of harm’s way (store, eatery, or coffee shop, etc.). Call 9-1-1 if necessary.

7- Never leave your belongings without supervision at any time.

8- If the press appears before, during and after the trip, be mindful of what you say to them, especially as it relates to the specific logistics of the trip.

9- Lastly, always be situationally aware of your surroundings! Even though you will be outdoors, take note of physical barriers like buildings, fences, barricades, etc. that may affect a quick escape from your location at any moment if that becomes necessary to ensure your safety. You can always find your group afterwards. Safety is paramount.

10- Everyone will be going through magnetometers at the rally area – WEAPONS OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED!

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